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Biotest products (esp. Mag-10) in Buffalo, NY?

Does anybody know of any places where Biotest products, especially Mag-10 can be purchased in Buffalo, NY? Thanks

I’ve seen Tribex at Vitamin World, but I’m not sure I’ve seen Mag-10 there. What you can do is call one of the Feel-Rite markets and ask them to special order it. Good luck getting it over the border!

My local GNC just told me that most of their stores will be carrying MAG-10, and Tribex, very soon.

I wish you had a bud in the US who could help you out. Tim has started a “buy two get two free” deal on MAG-10 and other Biotest goodies at the online store… plus free overnight shipping, free T-shirts, free shaker bottles… Personally, I think he’s gone nuts. (Just kidding, boss.)

Here’s the link if you’re able to arrange something:

Chris Shugart: I really hate to hijack this thread but I was wondering how I could get my hands on the Hot-Rox bottle pictured on the store website. I think it looks killer.

Hey guys,
I actually work at GNC in Edmonton. I know for a fact that GNC will carry tribex, M, myostat, grow, surge, and I don’t know about powerdrive.
In the states, GNC has pulled Mag-10 and Androsol off the shelves because they don’t want any ‘hardcore’ androgens in their stores. You wont be able to get Mag-10 soon, even if you can now. I don’t get it - GNC’s policies don’t seem to make sense sometimes. I think they just don’t want to scare the old atkins ladies with musclehead supplements.

atmosphere: You get one free, plus a shirt, when making an order, but I don’t think they’re sold separately. Maybe we’ll start a contest later today on the forum and give away 10 or 20 of them.

Thanks Shugs! I can’t believe the crazy deals you guys have, I think it’s about time to stock up :slight_smile:

I mentioned giving away some of those HOT-ROX bottles above. See the “Free HOT-ROX Bottle!” thread and sign up to get one.

Hi chris, wow the buy 2 get 2 free IS nuts!! what are you guys thinking!! :slight_smile:
Btw, what are the shipping charges for international (yeah sad) shipping? I live in singapore… (i don think they ban hot rox:)… just chewing gum)


oh and how are the sizes like for the T-shirt… im 5"8’ 188 43 chest, 31 waist? is that a L?