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Biotest Product-M (estrogen blocker)

I am interested in taking the Biotest product called M. I am wanting to know if this product will effect my birth control? I am using a birth control method called the Nuva Ring (brand new on the market)and it has estrogen and progesterone on the ring. I’ve asked my doctor about this topic and she doesn’t have knowledge regarding estrogen blockers and how it affects my birth control. Do you have any information on this?

M is for Men. Women should have estrogen. If your birth control pills contain estrogen then the stuff in it will mess with your medication. I never like to get nasty on the board but - “What are you thinking” It’s like me taking a testosterone and an estrogen at the same time. If you want to boost your testosterone then ask about Tribex-500 and it’s affects on the leutinizing hormone. do a search. laters pk

Why do you want to take M? What is your purpose. Once you answer that question, then look and see what else is available.