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Biotest Point System

Hey what is the scoop with the point system? I used to buy my Biotest stuff direct and already have over 10 black t-shirts! Then I convinced my buddy who owns three Nutrisport Nutrion stores to carry Biotest products and he matches the buy 2 get 1 free price, so I buy from him to help him out! What do you all think about getting points for products even if you don’t buy them direct? Either by saving UPC symbols or receipts or something. I am hooked on Biotest products and will continue to buy them, but I would like to help out my buddy (local business) and receive rewards from Biotest too! I am sure that those who have to buy from a distributor other than direct agree with me and all want that coveted Testosterone leather jacket! Any comments or ideas on this subject? --Matt

Matt, Tim is working out the details now. Here’s what he said in issue #123:

“The free-shipping offer has been a big success. I’m glad everyone’s liking it. And your idea about a point system is right on. We’ve been working on that very thing for quite awhile. We should be done with the web-server programming in about a month or two. The plan is to have a special section on the Biotest site that displays various rewards you can “buy” with your bonus points — stuff like special training books, leather Testosterone jackets, and maybe even fun vacation trips and wild dates with real hot ‘n horny babes. Well, probably not that last one, but you get the idea. So stay tuned. You never know what might show up here. All I know, it’s gonna’ be way cool.”

Hope that helps.

What? Free shipping on all the products?? Does that apply internationally too, so that I can place my orders from here in the UK? I doubt it does mean that…but I can still dream I guess.

Matt brings up a good point. Living here in Japan, I (have to) buy everything from the local distributor. This has both good and bad points, but basically it’s okay. However, I’m sure it means that my purchases don’t get racked up directly into the Biotest counter mechanism (whatever it may be). I think that the point system is a great idea, and since I buy a lot of Biotest products would hope that I could use mine to get books, etc.

Tim, please don’t forget those of us who live outside the U.S.!