Biotest oral 4-AD

Its been mentioned a few times in an off hand sort of way, but no one has really said much about it. is biotest still looking into it as it would be more efficient then androsol?

Well, no, oral 4-AD supplied simply as the
powder, as has been done before, is nothing
like as effecient as Androsol. We are looking
at other ways. If efficiency matches Androsol
(or exceeds it), people like oral products
and so we are looking into that, but it’s
not trivial to do.

Thanks Bill. I know straight oral powder is very inefficient (maybe 3%), but if you could protect it from the first pass by the liver and make it timed release you could cut down the ammount of 4-AD used from 7gm/week as with androsol to maybe even 1gm/week if you can get near to 100% past the liver. I know its no easy task, but im sure you guys will get it eventually.