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Biotest oral 4-AD?

Is it possible that Biotest might release an oral form of 19-NAD and 4-AD with a similiar duration of N-17E? I won’t pretend to understand the science involved, and while the topicals are quite effective it would on occasion be convenient to use capsules.

As a side note, I know I’ve already posted this question but I can’t help but to notice that a vast majority seem to get significantly more gains from Nandrosol than Androsol. The relatively small amount of NAD converted to nandrolone should’nt make that much of a difference compared to the small amount of 4-AD converted to T. They are both class II in the unconverted state. Theory would suggest that 19-NAD would yield less gains but less side effects than 4-AD yet it appears to have both less sides (well, OK, acne seems to be the only real side effect of 4-AD) and give more gains; an ideal case scenario. I know everyone is different but there seems to be a definite trend. I got modest gains from Androsol (2-3 lbs) and am really looking forward to trying the Nandrosol.

BTW, Bill, if you read this, I definitely do not want to start rumours about your bench press; I’m sure you know I was just kidding :). And let us know when you finish that degree!