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biotest on tv

After watching my lakers get beat by the rockets I was watching the post game show and they did an segement on banned substances tooken by players. Anyway it showed all the biotest products along with some other compaines. The channel was fox sports net.

Tooken? Come on.

English could be his second language, you know.

Can you get Fox Sports Net outside of the U.S.?

Maybe it’s just me, but is there any chance you could give just a tad more info? I mean, I could say that there was a big earthquake and leave it at that, but I am sure you would want to know more.

What were the banned substances? Who were the players that took them? Details man, details.

Can you immigrate to a country or be brought by your parents as a relatively older child?

LMAO@tooken…Go Rockets!!

What is this? The freaking English class forum? Give the guy a break.