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Biotest on Campus?

This year, I noticed that my summer gym is carrying Spike in their energy-drink case, toe-to-toe with all the Red Bulls and Monsters. It shocked me to see such a mainstream gym – it’s named “24/7 Fitness” and offers Zumba classes – carrying such an elite product.

I don’t know about everyone else, but since I learned about T-Nation I’ve felt like it was kind of “underground” – that the site, community, and products were a secret that I was lucky enough to know about – and, with “back to school” on my mind this week, I was wondering if Biotest will ever have a campus presence.

The Red Bull Mini Cooper and Monster Chevy pickup make a stop by my college’s campus at least once per semester and Rockstar has a Campus Rep as well. They host local bars for a night, have on-campus events/picnics/field days, or hand out free samples. I’m up in New York at SUNY New Paltz and, personally, I’d love to see a black and red, Biotest GT500 roll onto my campus to hurl cans of Spike at my friends (and some unsuspecting hippies).

I think you can answer this one for yourself if you stop and think about it.

that would be AWESOME. Damn Red Bull cars never have sugar free red bull… alright that is looking the gift horse in the mouth, but still!!!

When I travel through Colorado I see Spike in almost every gas station. I run into it occasionally in some of the truck stop type gas stations in Wyoming as well.

We have a smoothie place called Emerald City Smoothie that carries Spike and HOT-ROX. They want $75 for a bottle of HOT-ROX.

Saw the Spike van parked outside the 7-11 @ george washington university today. was pretty excited and surprised to see it around here. now if only that 7-11 took campus cash … fridge would be stocked