Biotest now at GNC! (In related news, hell just froze over!)

Tim’s just informed me that the top 800 GNC stores now have Tribex-500 and MD6 in stock.
Now, let’s go and show GNC the power of T-mag readers. Go into the
store nearest you and clean 'em out of Tribex-500 and MD6 – pay for it,
of course – and let the clerk know that you’re a T-man (or T-vixen)
Then write your name, address, and phone number on your original
purchase receipt and send it to Biotest HQ.
We’ll gather all the receipts together and
then have a drawing to give
away an honest-to-goodness leather Testosterone jacket! You let GNC know that the products are in demand (which keeps the online mag and this forum free of course) and we’ll return the favor by slapping some $1000+ lambskin on one of your backs. Deal? Good! Go get’em.

Hell, yeah! Top 800 GNC’s, huh? How many are there total, by the way? We’ll have every one of those mofos stockin’ Biotest inside of a few months if I have my way. I’m goin’ to the one in the mall in my town ASAP.

So, I get to work this morning at GNC and what do I find. Holy shit, MD6 and Tribex-500 on the shelve. I thought I was seeing things. So I open the store up and about the third customer to come in asks me what I’ve got to raise T-levels besides Prohormones, So I show him the tribex and get him all excited. Then he asks what my favorite fat burner is? Bam, I show him the Md6 and tell him all the benefits. Then I go on to tell him about the new methoxy and T2-pro. He ended up buying both the Tribex and the MD6. I told him about the web site and he said he was going right home to order T2 Pro and the New Methoxy. I think you biotest guys need to send me some kickbacks for this. What do you say?
now I’ll have to wait another two weeks to get more Biotest in the store. So back to sellin crap for awhile.

I’m in, Chris. Even though GNC doesn’t do the buy one get one free deal, for a leather Jacket and for T-Mag, I’ll do it! I’ll buy Tribex 500 and MD6 from GNC. Speaking of MD6 at GNC, one time when I was there, a lady was deciding which product to get. Xenadrine or Hydroxycut. Oblivious to the fact that MD6 was right in front of her face, I explained to her the importance of ALA, and 5-HTP and why those ingredients are important to fat loss. I also told her that ephedra sinica is a much better source of ephedrine than what’s found in the other brands. I also explained to her how she shouldn’t take an ephedrine supplement that contains asprine in it. Anyway, to get to my point, she went ahead and got the xenedrine because it was cheaper.

Chris, I am based here in Blighty - the GNC’s I have access to dont stock Biotest but will order in any Biotest supp’s if I pay upfront. Do us UK T-Folk get a shot a the jacket too? If not what else can we do? And i suppose it is one receipt each right?

Sounds good, Chris!

Tim is awesome!!! Good job. I am going to
GNC today to autograph bottles of MD-6 :slight_smile:


Very cool. Hopefully they be getting Methoxy-7 and AP in too. I go into withdrawl without my AP and it would be nice to be able to run to GNC and pick it up in a protein emergency.

Any chance of getting in at Vitamin World? I ask for your products at every VW and GNC I go to.

Not sure about all these questions right now, just finding out about this myself. We may post more info on this Friday. Dannyboy, I’m sure we can include our UK readers too.

Will the prices be higher than online retailers. GNC has been notorious in the past for outlandish prices.

anybody know how the prices are compared to the web? is it the same or more expensive?

Cymon and Nick, the GNC I went to had the same prices for Tribex and MD6 as you would see in the Biotest website. This sucks because GNC won’t give you the “buy 2 get 1 free” deal, but I’m gonna give my support to biotest and get my Tribex from GNC.

That should be more convenient although it may cost a little more. Still, I’ll pick up some more MD6 there for a chance to win a jacket. I’m with TEK, let’s get Advanced Protein in there too!!!

Coolness. Where can we find one of the top 800 GNC’s. I doubt the one in my hometown is one of the big ones.

You do realize guys, that if you have a GNC goldcard you can go in on ‘Super Tuesday’ and save 50 percent on everything. Therefore, allowing you to buy mucho biotest products without the fear of losing mucho dinero. Later…PorchDawg

Picked up some goodies today. The receipt is on the way to CO!

Did gold card discount go up? It use to be 20%.

Actually the gold card discount is 20 percent off on Super Tuesday. I’ve been fighting with my manager and the owner to get the stuff in, but they’re reluctant because there’s not a very good profit margin on them so they would rather keep pushing Optimum’s 100 percent crap…err, whey. I’ll keep fighting the good fight. Luckily, I have access to placing orders so I can always sneak them in I guess. Ephedra just became legal in NE again so we’re definitely stocking some MD-6. “Rock on, brother!” (I love that Holiday Inn commercial)

My local GNC didn’t have it yet. Must not be one of the big stores. I’m traveling to a real city soon, so I’ll look there. I want that jacket!!!