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Biotest New Product RoundUp

Let me see if I’ve got all this down as far as
new products Biotest is working on - which
will hopefully be released soon. List

1. Advanced Protein product

2. Grow protein bars

3. Euphoria

4. topical fat loss product

5. T-2

6. N17-E

7. T17-E

8. TML-2

Does that cover everything? Am I missing
anything? I get the impression that the order
in which I have them listed above is a rough
ballpark of the order in which they will be
released: is that about right? Thanks.

Free- I don’t think anyone can answer those questions except Tim Patterson, and he’ll keep everyone updated in his “Behind the Scenes” column. However, you did miss one. Biotest is working on a new post-workout only drink. It involves a lot more than just adding high GI carbs, too. Very exciting stuff!

While for all I know your order of release
dates might prove about right, N-17E and
T-17E being estimated as 6th and 7th respectively implies they’re a long way
off. I don’t think so (having a nice sample
sitting right here in my office!)

Would there be anyway to bribe someone at Biotest to get a hopeful launch date for the upcoming products?

EMS- I doubt if even Tim knows for sure when a certain product will be ready, at least not until a few weeks before. It’s a pretty complicated process. The best thing to do is watch his column. Once Tim knows he usually posts info there.

Oh man! I can’t wait! After reading the latest BTS column, my nuts are sweating in anticipation! All 6 sacks of them!

For once, I agree with Peewee… My nutsacks can’t take it anymore!

(In a Chris Farley voice)…For the love of God! Please tell the boys when the new stuff’s coming! I haven’t seen a full blown BTS in weeks. I don’t think Mr.P has ever chimed in on this board and I wonder if it would kill him to throw us a bone? To follow the Wierd Science analogy…We’ve been told for months to expect two blockbusters along the lines of Heidi Klum and Pamela Anderson(N-17&T-17). Then yesterday we’re told that there’s this other hottie in the works but all we know is her rough proportions and her hair and eye color. We’re told she’s priority one. Guess what? We’re all sporting wood for Pam and Heidi. We want to score,NOW! Our collective balls are blue and our chains hurt from being yanked for so long. How about this at the very least. Tenative pre-order dates on the N-17e? Can’t you help a brother out? I’m tired of Santa Claus putting off Christmas.

The closest we have is that Tim answered one of my questions in his last BTS column about the ETA of the Advanced Protein. It went into production about 2 weeks ago, and he estimates it being available in mid-February. I hope that’s true, but then again anyone else remember when T17 and N17 were expected for Christmas?

Hey Chris-- Tell Tim to give us an update next Friday. I hope he’s not waiting until the Arnold to release some of these products. I’ll be doing a bunch of traveling soon and I need the Grow bars! They were suppose to be ready at the first of the year. But I’m still more excited about N-17E. Release it already–or give us updates!

I agree with Mike A. I can’t wait for N-17E and T-17E to be released. The only thing that bothers me though is that I though it would be released at the 1st of the year. Since its not, I’m going to be patient. We must understand that Biotest isn’t going to release a product if they think they could make it better with more time. They want N-17E and T-17E to be as safe as possible and still yield great gains. Give them some credit for working hard to get them out quickly. No doubt they’re working very hard at getting these highly anticipated products finished. Be patient people.

You forgot about the improved Methoxy-7 formula!