Biotest Muscle-Building Stack?

I need more info on the Male Muscle-Building Stack listed in the article “A Stack For Any Occasion”. I want to continue to gain lean muscle while maintaining consistent fat loss. So far I know not to use Carbolin 19 with Alpha Male, but I want to know how will a workout and nonworkout supplement day look like (i.e. On/Off cycles and time of day).

I am planning to order:
Alpha Male
Metabolic Drive Complete

In place of waking up in the middle of the night, how about some slow digestive Protein prior to bedtime? Any suggestions? Also would I need an anti-estrogene like 6-OXO Extreme? I know that nothing will come close to my results with MAG-10 and still be legal, but Biotest has proven to be one of the best companies in the business…so I have no fear that I will be pleased. The articles on here are the best. I love the diets and workouts.

P.S. I’m 6ft and 204lbs. I work out heavy on Mondays/Tuesdays and Thursdays/Fridays. 30-60 minute Cardio and Abs are on the other 3 days.

You need to pick one goal first.

You can’t aspire to grow and shrink at the same time. Not at your level.

I am trying to Mass Build, however while doing so I’m losing body fat naturally. I used to be 145lbs. and it took a lot to get to 2201bs. Now I’m working on getting more defined while maintaining and adding more lean muscle. I’m down to 204lbs. and lost 5% body fat. I’m also finally beginning to see my abs again. My goal is to be around 210-220lbs. and 7-10% body fat. SO my goal is lean muscle.

I just want to continue enjoying the side effects of decreasing body fat. I stick to low fat cuts of meat (beef, chicken, turkey and fish) and complex carbs (sweet potatoes, whole grain brown rice, etc). I pulled a lot of it from this site and what I’ve learned from my travels. My problem has always been not eating enough. I now have a food log in excel with autocalculating formulas. It has shown me that my carb-to-protein ratio was off. So I’m increasing my protein intake to match 1-2 grams per lb.

I have read and agree with supplement timing. It works. So I wanted to know the best timing and cycling when this stack is used together. Sometimes it is best to use more than what is on the label, use it at different times than suggested when used with something else (i.e. wait an hour then take “XX”) or don’t take X while taking X (i.e. only use when cycling off of X) like Carbolin 19 and Alpha Male usage.

I can’t speak for supplements but to simultaneously add muscle and lose fat you need to cycle between calorie deficit and calorie surplus. Look for zig-zag articles by Dr. Squat or read Tom Venuto. The basic concept is to go 3 days over eating followed by 3 days under eating. You need to time this with you workouts so you need to read the articles.