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Biotest Multivitamins?

Have the gods of Biotest considered producing multi-vitamin products? Possibly this is a project already in development?

TC has mentioned it numerous times I think the latest in the Dragnet thread.

Yeah, they’ve talked about how they’ve considered it (or are still considering it) but haven’t yet figured out the optimum way to do it. The problem is that most multi’s combine vitamins and minerals in one “shotgun” pill, yet some of the minerals actually inhibit absorbtion of the vitamins if taken at the same time. So the solution might have to be to have different pills to take at different times of the day, but if they have to be split up more than two ways, that can get complicated and annoying to have to take, etc.

I think multi-vitamins are too generic in general. I can’t imagine Biotest would care to enter such a saturated market.