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biotest methoxy in Australia

G’day, just wondering if anyone knows where i can purchase biotest methoxy in Australia, or QLD. As my research tends to suggest it is the best methoxy currently available. I love T-mag and would like to support the company.I have done searches on the forum and previous questions and have found nothing.Cheers,eat big, The croc hunter

i have the exact same problem, i’m desperately seeking biotest products in Australia, but i don’t want to have to give details over the internet. any ideas, thanks

I dont know if i can post this cause its a blantant plug for my work, but hey…
Nutrition plus in NZ can send you stuff if you want. we send quite alot of stuff to AUS. Web site is www.nutritionplus.co.nz send an email or phone (#64-9-2737587). we have all the small biotest stuff (like methoxy, no powder sorry) otherwise ADA street in QSL are good, they could prob get you some stuff, just do a search for them, i think its adastreet.com.au or something like that