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Biotest Low Carb Metabolic Drive


This has been preached and preached before. I have been through a ton of different protein blends and shakes. This thing is unreal. I just got my order of Chocolate in. Dear god, this is some good stuff. I could drink it all day like water. Just singing my praises.


Mix a scoop of the Chocolate with a scoop of the Banana!



Yep. I wish I had it on tap.


Mix Vanilla with 1/4 cup canned pumpkin, nutmeg and cinnamon, ice - Pumpkin Pie.

Mix Vanilla with diet orange soda, ice - Creamsicle.

Chocolate with a T. of cocoa powder - I'm a dark chocolate person.


A winner in anyone's supplement cabinet to improve their best.
Tastes fantastic. Any flavor, any time.


Agreed agreed agreed
Cool recipe ideas!!