Biotest Liquid Flavors FAQ

2-Teaspoon Dosing Limit

The label says: “Do not exceed 2 teaspoons of flavoring per 2,000 ml.” Is there a health concern or is it just a flavoring issue?

We recommended a 2-teaspoon limit (per 2000 mL) to give consumers an upper range for flavor quality. Too much flavor concentrate tastes bitter and is worse than too little.

Even though we don’t have health concerns, we wanted to avoid someone from dumping an entire bottle in a single-serving workout drink, resulting in an undrinkable waste.

The best advice is to use common sense with our liquid flavors – start with too little and carefully add more until you find your perfect amount.


And the caps on the bottles are ~1 teaspoon, right?

Pretty much. I just measured. Haha

oxo measuring cup

I bought one of these OXO mini measuring cups years ago to use with the liquid flavors. I’ve found it super helpful.


Yes, the caps are ~ 5 mL; 1 teaspoon.

How long are the unopened bottles good for from the date they were manufactured?

Two years.

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Biotest’s liquid flavoring is incredible. Masking the bitterness of hydrolysate is no easy task, but this flavoring destroys it and makes intake SO much more palatable.