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Biotest L-Leucine


A couple of weeks ago (I think) Coach Thibs wrote that the pumps he was getting in the gym had started hurting because they were so intense and he linked this to his L-Leucine use. I remember reading this and laughing.

Well the joke is on me, the pumps really are that impressive. The last few high rep workouts I have done the pump HURT. I was doing high rep work the other night for my biceps and back and I had never had a pump like that before. Haha I don't even train "to feel the pump" but man did I.

My weight is also up 6lbs since using the L-Leucine 4x per day and I am through one bottle of the supplement (about day 23).

Anyway I just wanted to share that I think this stuff is a great addition and I'll be using it on a consistent basis.


Good to know, I love seeing real life reviews of stuff. Thanks CP.


Crew, I just posted in the other Leucine thread than saw yours. I've also noticed a big pump but I just switched to an HSS 100 body part split from my in-season rugby training so I'm sure that's a big part. My goal is to add some weight in the offseason, so glad to hear it's having that effect in you. Sure does taste like shit though!


lol I must be lucky in that area. I just dump a scoop of it into my mouth and then drink some water, I never taste a thing!

I haven't even changed my workouts since I added this supplement so I know it's not from a new workout.

I hope it helps you gain the weight you need man!

By the way what position are you?




Good tip. I've been sprinkling it on my food when I can remember and don't think I'm getting enough. I'll try your method.



I actually tried this once on a carb-up day.

Here's what I did.

With each carb meal, I would have 5g of creatine, leucine, and glutamine. I was pretty glycogen depleted at that time.

I had a cheat meal, and then a couple of regular high-carb meals. I gained about 14 lbs, and it seemed to be mostly intracellular water and glycogen. I dropped about 2-3 lbs afterwards, but I am actually leaner by caliper method.

I would point out that I stay lower in carbohydrates, so some of the anabolic effects were likely due to the refeed itself. I don't have any doubt that my supplements helped things along, though.


17 lbs in one day? I mean a gallon of water weighs 8 lbs........ how much water can you drink in a day? facinating.


I tend to drink about 5 liters a day, which is over 1.5 gallons.. so that sounds about right. I drink even more on training days, with a liter peri-WO (I just fill up my nalgene and make sure it is gone by the end) and half a liter post.


Glad to know I am not the only one that tastes this stuff. I have mixed it into many different things...........taste it every time. May have to do like Crew and just pop it in my mouth and swallow down with some water...........


I agree 100% with the pumps, at first I thought it was the ReceptorMax i am taking cause TC hinted that he noticed better pumps while taking it, but than Thibs wrote that article and I think the combination of both supplements is a great stack.

The pumps I get in my arms and shoulders are painful, but in a good way. Never felt this before trying these supplements. Both are great supplements if you ask me.


In addition to MD I use a just Whey protein drink and when I throw it into there it mixes very easily and I never taste it. I have not tried mixing it with MD though, so I can not comment on that.


The performance information is good to hear. I have had this stuff for about a month but just started taking it on Monday.

It does taste like an all terrain tire that went through a cow pasture so I have gone to popping in a scoop with a mouth full of water. As long as you don't swish it around there is no residual left in your mouth.

You went through a bottle in 23 days? Dammyamm! I got some catching up to do. Still using creatine and a full amino load before working out plus 3 - 5 Metabolic Drive shakes per day and a Surge recovery PW as far as (performance) supplements go.


I'd like to confirm the scoop in mouth with water method as most painless.


Does anyone know if it's best to have it with food or actually 15 min or so before eating?

I know the original article states it's best to have it with food, but I am wondering if this is a bit like ReceptorMax in that the benefits might be better if taken before a meal.

Probably splitting hairs, though.


You're splitting hairs, son.


I take it right before my meals and it's worked well.


I usually do a scoop with water, as I'm a taster (dammit), about 5-10 minutes before a meal. It makes sense to me to let it get into the bloodstream and start the process before you introduce the rest of the calories. But I'm not a Dr. or anything...


I tried this put a scoop in my mouth and drink with water....

...it failed. I had to use all my force not to spit the crap over my desk and hold it in until i got to a sink.

I now bought a capsuling kit with 1000 capsules for like $50. It takes like 7-8 capsules to get a good does but when they can go down 2 at a time its all good.


Dose eveyone just put it into a shake before there workout because i didn't really feel a pump in my last workout. Mabey im just weird.