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Biotest Is JAMMIN', Baby...!!!!

Hey…starting to see some SERIOUS, (often full page), ads for the “Biotest” line of supplements in all the Mags!..Kewl!!!..I hope this means that innovation will always triumph over smoke, mirrors and hype…(P.S…I think you could sell more product if you have a shirtless, misted-down TC, chugging on some “Advanced Protein” with some cute little Fitness Hottie on his arm!!! :)----!!!

Mufasa - I’m not saying that I wouldn’t like to see a ‘shirtless, misted down TC’ but I’m kinda surprised to see you suggest it!! snicker

Ohhh! Michelle gotcha good! The only recourse is to get her back!

ooooooooooooooooooo…i’m SO scared!!!

Michelle beat me to it… OK Lion, you’re reputation requires that you clarify your position on misted down men. :smiley:

Okay, okay!!!..A little clarification; the Lion loves the Ladies; THE LION LOVES THE LADIES!!! The ladies make my body rock, and my liver quiver! Now…with THAT said…when you see pics in the Mags of people “sweating”,they’ve usually been misted, okay? (You guys are great…!!!:)----!!!)

hmmm…i don’t know…ironbabe, what do you think??? is he off the hook?

Maybe, but we might need a misted down pic of him with advanced protein and a fitness hottie…just to make sure.

Excellent suggestion!!! Lion, let me know if you need help with that mister!!!

Whew…thank’s, guys! Hey…the Lion is still a “work in progress”, but getting there. I really hope “T-Mag” or one of the Forum Gang gets that space up for posting pics. I PROMISE you guys that I will post! (LOL!!!:)----!!! Mufasa

I was curious to see how Mufasa was going to get out of this one. I give him a “E” for effort. You girls are merciless. How do you live with yourselves?

Ladies, Michelle should spend less time worrying about the Lion’s pic and more worrying about her jacket bid. Oh, and Ironbabe, sice turnabout is fair play and all, why do YOU want to see a fitness hottie? Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

No need for the fitness hottie, but a hottie on his arm would prove he likes the ladies. No, ladies don’t do it for me, already answered this question in a previous Gang O Babes issue, sorry to burst your fantasy. :slight_smile:

Hey…a little more back to the FIRST topic…“Biotest” is showing up a lot in the Mags with some sharp advertising; does this mean that true innovation will always triumph in the end? After all, “Biotest” (compared to a lot of other companies in the Mags) is one of the “new guys on the block”.

me??? merciless? not little ol’ innocent me!!! look i even have a halo…home in my dresseer drawer grin demo - babe, the pic is coming, don’t you worry about it!!! and Mufasa, that pic post area is about half done…should be up by the end of the month at the latest…i hope!!!

I don’t know about having a “fitness hottie on his arm proving that he likes the ladies.” From what I’ve seen, most of these guys in the ads are gay. And they drape a fitness hottie on his arm to give all of us the heterosexual image they hope to portray. So Mufasa could still be gay with a fitness hottie on his arm. You know how hot girls like gay guys! :slight_smile: LOL! Just busting your ass Mufasa!

…aahhh the things that a Lion must put up with in his jungle…(LOL!! :)----!!! So…any thoughts on what appears to be a new (and KEWL!) “push” by Biotest?

Hot girls like gay guys? Damn, and I was under the impression that I was considered “hot”. Are you sure about this nate? :wink: