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Biotest is gettting fat

Does anyone have a tentative date on when the new “all-encompassing, extremely potent functional fat product” is coming out? I was about to order some UDO’s but is it worth holding off, and waiting for the new product? I cant order both, though, I am saving up for my mag-10 cycle.

I couldn’t begin to fathom that Biotest’s EFA supplement will be even remotely comparable to UDO’s Choice. You need to do a little more homework.

I’d go to GNC or where ever and grab some cheap flaxseed oil cause who knows when it’s gonna debut or what kind of shortages will come about, but that’s just me. All i know is that whatever it is, it will blow everything else outta the water. Hell, i’ve tried ZMA, Grow, surge, MD6, and t2 and have been impressed with all of em and have alot of confidence in biotest products.

speaking of flax seed oil and GNC… recently I was doing some xmass shopping (yea ironic I know) so I was in a big mall far away from my usual GNC. Anywho I realized that I ran out of my flax seed oil so I wished to purchase another (more irony) so um there was this health food store that wasn’t a chain. I go in there look on the shelves for my flax fix and couldn’t find it. I ask the counter lady where it is, she says in the back in the fridge, hmm I think to myself. I go back there and sure enough is some flax seed oil (not gnc brand but who cares) so anywhos later on that day I drink my flax and it was the best tasting flax ever… how can i put this? what was the difference? hmm… not rancid. GNC’s flax seems to be put on shelves and who knows how long it sits there, not to mention the back room.

I dont understand why I would have to do my homework asking a question like that? I have some flax/fish oil left but thought it would be easier to just take UDO’s when I run out…could someone explain what he meant?

Once again you’ve demonstrated with, “I have some flax/fish oil left but thought it would be easier to just take UDO’s when I run out,” that you really don’t understand the complexities of EFA supplementation. Flax oil is not fish oil, and neither of the two are UDO’s. Please read the second half of this weeks Appetite for Construction.

I am sorry for the confusion I caused, but what I meant was that I have fish oil and flax oil left, not that they are the same thing. I use both to get my ratios right, I dont eat to much of the “bad” fat, but i do eat a lot of animal fat, and I supplement with fish and flax oil to balance it out. This is what I understand to be optimal but I may be wrong. Anyways…if anyone has any info on what kind of supplement it is, and what fat/s it contains, I would be much appreciative of the post.