Biotest Is Ahead of the Curve

This goes out to other web sites or supp companies that seem to find it sporting to lash out at Biotest. I have NEVER found a more solid line of core supps anywhere on the planet and I’ve been lifting/competing in kickboxing/bodybuilding for over 30 yrs and have TRIED everything.

Now I am old school in believing that the basics are the key to sucess. Hard work, compound movements, not being a fucking sissy and such. I also believe this to be true with supps.

My personal line now consists of Biotest’s Superfood, L-Leucine, Surge Workout Fuel and Metabolic Drive Complete along with a HOT-ROX Extreme for a kick every now and then. Is there a BETTER protein for the price of Metabolic Drive, HELL NO Micellar Casein is very expensive and this shit gets half it’s protein from it.

Can you get 12 serv. of REAL fruit and veggies a day for 40.00 dollars HELL NO. Does Surge Workout Fuel work? At 50 yrs old I did a 40 min EDT session with 315 lb squats and 110 lb. hamstring curls. 81 reps later I felt fantastic. Couldn’t walk but I crawled very nice. Sounds like it worked for me. HOT-ROX Extreme can’t be touched for knocking back cravings and a energy burst.

The kicker is Biotest is so far ahead of the curve that I constantly see other companies using the ingredients months or years later stating they discovered some holy grail bullshit or something. Take it from someone who knows and has been there and done that. Biotest are the best supplements on the market today bar none.