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Biotest in the UK

Anybody know where to obtain Biotest products in the UK - especially in the North of England?

I was give these details :-

Biotest UK
225 Holdenhurst Rd.
Bournemouth, Dorset

Phone: 0800-328-2958 or 0120-229-7454
Email: biotest@genn.co.uk

Biotest UK (aka Performance Foods at the address given below) are of course the UK distributor. However you won’t get the buy 2 get one free deal that you do out of Biotest proper. I’ve been buying my Biotest supplements from Workout World in London for the last two years. I can no longer get to the shop so I use their mail order service which is superb AND they give discounts for larger purchases. I usually buy 250 pounds worth at a time for that reason and get a “trade price”, but you can still get a good deal by buying less. Ring Doug Taylor on 0207 925 0211 and tell him that Phil sent you!

Yeah Genn appear to be the UK distributors for biotest but their a tad pricey. You can get their products marginally cheaper from Http://www.healthy2day.com or Http://www.1getfit.com (both in the uk).

Pity we can’t get any of the buy 2 get one free offers over here. SO oi you lot build some factories in Europe incy.

I go to Workout World in London (next to Embankment tube). They stock all Biotest products and always have something on offer. Give them a call cos I know they do mail order 020 7925 0211.