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Biotest in the UK

I’ve made a bit of a mistake recently…I ordered some Metabolic Drive from a supplier in the UK and damn, that shit is too good not to have regularly. The main problem being its £33 a bottle, which is about $50. And I use 4 scoops a day min, so a 2lb bottle lasts me a week. Obviously I cant be dropping £130 a month on protein, so I was thinking about getting it direct from Biotest and getting an aunt to ship it to me via USPS.

With this in mind,

a)Have UK users ever had any problems bringing in Metabolic Drive or any other Biotest supplements using the TMuscle store? If so which supps specifically?
b)Can you remember what Biotest mark the customs label as? That way I can write it out the same way to ensure safe passage.

The Food Standards Agency guidelines on importing dairy (which MD falls into) is vague - they say under certain circumstances its ok, but subject to some restrictions, most of which I wouldnt think Biotest had any problems meeting, but I wanted to check directly.

If i’m good to go, I think i’ll be treating myself to some MD, Superfood and Flameout in the very near future.

Ive ordered Metabolic Drive and Surge before with no problem. Typically the boxes are just labeled as dietary supplements. If you do decide to order some of these supplements though, be sure to make it a large order as the customs charges can be pretty steep.

These days I just tend to order the capsule products and stick to a UK brand as a protein source. Metabolic Drive shakes are bars are amazing though. The bars really are about as close to a chocolate bar as you will find IMO. Exceptional quality.

I agree the bars are amazing as are the shakes.

I can have someone ship them under the guise of a ‘gift’ - after all, it is Xmas :wink: - so hopefully customs charges wouldnt be too bad, if any at all. Got a squat suit and briefs delivered with about £15 charges from the same shipper, £10 of that was ParcelForce’s admin charge.

I was thinking something like 4x Metabolic Drive, 1x Surge Workout Fuel, 3x Flameout, 1x Superfood as a test run, maybe a box of Metabolic Drive bars aswell. As long as they get through, I dont mind paying the £50 or so shipping costs. I might even get a friend to come in on the order with me to reduce costs all round.

I just pay whatever they charge here. It still works out a load cheaper than getting your Biotest stuff from a UK distributor.