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Biotest in the UK

Hi All
Sorry for posting a simple question, but does anyone know if it is possible to get Biotest in the UK at price that doesn’t need a second mortgage? Ordering from the US seems to take a lot longer than it used to (5 weeks for delivery). I’m spending around $500 every 12 weeks, so if there is nowhere cheap here, maybe any fellow Brits can club together to buy and import in qty?

Hi Ian,

I contacted Biotest about this a couple of weeks ago. I’ve had an initial response from them, but am waiting for them to get back to me to discuss details. In the meantime, Cyberflex seem to have the best prices for most things - certainly not even close to US prices, but better than most. If we make any progress with Biotest I’ll be sure to post it here when appropriate.



Previous posts have a great deal of info
just type in Biotest U.K. in the subject field.
Workout World seems to be the cheapest especially if you order big , you’ll get 25% discount for orders over 250 Pounds.

I believe GROW! MRP and GROW! bars are already in the UK, but will be available for sale in a few days.

Thanks for the response. sorry I didn’t think to search for Biotest UK as the Biotest.co.uk operation is one of the most expensive. Look forward to hearing of any developments from Paul. Regards, Ian.

Hi Ian, I have ordered many times from Biotest.co.uk, dont let the prices put you off, I found that when I called them and haggled they were quite willing to drop there prices and deliver the goods the next day.I purchased the awsome MAG10 off them only resently for only £74.99 instead of £100(saved a few quid, aswell as gaining 10-lb in two weeks!)

Brendan, Thanks for the advice, my problem is that I can get Mag-10 for under $70 (£50) a bottle if I buy 3 at a time, if I then add on a £10 a tub saving for T2 and Tribex and a further £20 saving for some Methoxy, the $65 shipping charge becomes irrelevant. It even makes sense to import MRP, despite the hike in shipping cost. Check out netrition.com (not the cheapest) and compare prices. regards, Ian