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Biotest in Supplement Stores?


Every store I have been going into has been telling me they dont carry Biotest products and they are garbage. I live in Phoenix and I would like to know if anyone knows a good supplement store. Why would they all say that? Yes, I am new. So, I'm waiting for a**hole comments by all.


GNC carries some.

But you can get Biotest products on this site without a middleman markup. Spend $99 and the shipping is free.

Why sweat the retail brick-and-mortars?


Some Biotest stuff is only available on this site. So of course some retail store schmuck making a commission on other brands is going to steer you toward his crap and not here where he'd lose a sale. Only thing I buy in retail stores in creatine and vitamins now.


I have recived possibly the worst advice about supplements in a supplement store. Think about what a $7/hour schmuck knows compared to the professionals and scientists on this site. Now, I do not buy every supplement Biotest makes, but I do have complete confidence in their products based upon the results I have received from the ones I have tried.


As a store manager, it comes down to this:

Metabolic Drive [metabolic drive]: Cost $0.80USD per serve, sells for $1.60USD per serve. - Profit $0.80USD per serve

Other Crappy Lowcarb product: Cost $0.50USD per serve, sells for $1.50USD per serve. - Profit $1.00USD per serve.

I know I'd like to make an extra 7 bucks off each and every customer, all while preaching the virtues of me saving him money.

Of course those figures are abstract and all, but at the end of the day he can make more by selling you shit.

The store I go to has the owner selling Grow! over other proteins, TRIBEX over other tribulus products, Alpha Male as often as possible, and using all the above himself [as well as using Carbolin 19 19 currently, to compare offhand the effects of it vs an anavar only cycle].

Just look around for a store owner who isn't a dumbshit, or if you can, buy of the T-Nation store right here.

Oh and btw, yes I use Biotest's products - Currently: Metabolic Drive, ZMA, HOT-ROX, Alpha Male. [I tried Spike and it didn't work on my dead recpetors, and I don't use Surge due to my low carb dieting].


I ran into a GNC employee, back when prohormones were still legal, and he pushed a product on me. I explained that I wouldn't use the product because of its short half life. He went on telling me that they had a product they gave with it for free that corrected that problem, and extended its life in the human body. I looked at the free product, and it was fish oil.

I actually got pissed off at his bullshit of either lies or complete ignorance, and my wife kind of pulled me out the door while I was telling this guy what a moron he was.

Interestingly I had some conversations with the owner just a couple of years before this, (at least he was the owner at the time,) and he really seemed to know his shit, and in fact had given me a couple copies of Testosterone magazine I didn't have.

By the way, The Brain, (Narf) Surge really seems to not affect low carb diets.


Fellow Phoenician, do not believe the hype. GNC et al. have no interest in supplying you with quality. They only want to make a buck. Last time I bought protein not from Biotest, it made me rather ill (thanks, Prolab). As stated, these guys here are professional scientists, not some goof behind a counter. Buy your stuff here and support your T-Nation brothers. They won't do you wrong.


Although the assholes at GNC are for the most part ignorant, uneducated, and in the mood to make a buck, you can walk in there, tell them you dont need any help and know exactly what you want. If they insist on showing you a "better product" tell them that you're well educated on what you need, and if they try to push another product on you, you're going to walk out and they're going to lose a sale altogher. Then of course, come back to T-Nation store.

I go to my local GNC for fish oil/vitamins etc every so often if my mom forgets to buy them at costco. I have seen HOT-ROX (not maximum strength, marked up a shit load) but have seen Spike for 39.99 without tax.


The GNC by my area (Detroit) has HOT-ROX for 29.99! On sale right now. Not as potent, but close and quite cheap.


They're just jealous, because Biotest is the best and they can't get it any cheaper than you or I.


I'd be surprised if that is the case. What its more likely to be is that they can't sell it at the price you or I get it at here. Biotest will have wholesale prices for their retail line of products, cheaper then you pay at the T-Nation store [albiet for the regular gear].

I'm actually tempted to try some again, even thou the taste isn't my favourite, as I'm starting to lean towards a more T-Dawg 2.0 approach then my previous Anabolic Diet style of eating. Plus I'm getting better results on T-Dawg, so maybe the next step to better results is optimum PWO nutrition?


Not your favorite? I love the stuff.

Now there are some who dislike the angel food cake taste, and others who are able to pick up the taste of the hydrolyzed whey, which they are attempting to cover up. (I can't taste it myself.) I would say they should come up with more flavors to cover more people, not to mention some may get burned out on the taste.

Anyway taking Surge (I use about half during, and half after,) even with a real low carb diet is a good thing. You are exerting more control over the insulin, and causing a single giant spike only when you are super sensitive to insulin.

I believe this actually makes low carb dieting more effective simply because correctly timing that insulin spike can improve insulin sensitivity, and help prevent catabolism. A spike every once in a while is better then none.

About T-Dawg 2.0, great diet, and I think Shugart said they are working on T-Dawg 3.0.


With the tub I tried, I did notice my recovery was way up, but like I said, I didn't like the taste [in my mind a combo of to sweet with an undertaste of whey], and since I was going to try anabolic dieting, didn't sweat it.

I'll definately go back to it, as my new style workouts would appreciate the increase in recovery, and god knows I've eating some aweful tasting shit in the name of faster recovery / being stronger.

Oh and T-Dawg 3.0? Fuck yeah! Everyone I know digs T-Dawg 2.0, its like a work of art, comparable in its beauty to pauline nordins ass.