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Biotest in Stores


does anyone know of any stores that sell Biotest products?


GNC and Nutrition House carry stuff life Surge and Metabolic Drive, but last time I checked it was around 80 bucks a bottle. I’d just order it, even with shipping you save an assload.


thanks, sounds good


I know this isn’t a brick and mortar store, but sndcanada.com sells Biotest supps.


Vitamin Shoppe has the best prices on Biotest supplements and have stores nationwide.

Stay away from GNC; they sell everything at full retail and typically give poor recommendations on supplements (they are franchised so each store can be different).

VS is a corporation with well trained staff and discount pricing. They also have a good selection of products.


There is free shipping on items from Biotest, no?


[quote]Chi-Towns-Finest wrote:
There is free shipping on items from Biotest, no?[/quote]

Not for Canadians