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Biotest in Stores?

Are there any health food/supplement stores in the US that stock Biotest supps? I’m going to be in AZ next month and was wondering if I’d be able to pick up a few things to bring home while I’m over there.

Most Biotest products are only sold through T-Nation.

We can ship to where ever you’ll be in Arizona, however.

Correct. You’ll be able to pick up some HOT-ROX Extreme and Spike at the local GNC most likely but that’s about it when it comes to Biotest supplements.

Average shipping that I’ve found through T-Nation is 3-4 days depending on how big your order is. So order in advance and have a ball.

they had Surge at the GNC near me.

85 bucks

[quote]schultzie wrote:
they had Surge at the GNC near me.

85 bucks[/quote]

Saw Surge at a GNC in London, Ontario. Was $85 CAD.

I got HOT-ROX Extreme for around 55 at Vitamin Shoppe