Biotest in Oz

Most Aussies will know that Biotest is distributed in Oz by Body Performance Gear…but it’spretty expensive here…and the ironic thing is that to get a 10% discount of the products…you have to get a 1 year subscription to Musclemag…does anyone else see the irony in this or think it’s just plain weird…or is it just me???

There is another supplier in Qld. Plaigued by the same supply hassles as BPG, but is cheaper. Other guys have been in contact with him on the list. Email me (search archives for my email) to get his email addy.

The owner of Body Performace Gear is the new owner and publisher of the Aussie version of Musclemag -so that would explain why.

Krakkerz - Do you know if the guy in Queensland does subscriptions to the Tmag paper magazine. I know for sure BPG doesnt.

No, but I’ve been considering going in with him and importing the Biotest stuff directly. If there’s enough support, it can happen.