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Biotest in OZ

I’m interested in trying some Biotest products but as I am I Australia I am finding it very difficult’, & was hoping that an ozzy lad might be reading this and “show me the grow”.

Do a search for Netrition.

Hi Cassidy. Good to hear from a fellow Aussie. I can potentially save you a lot of hassle. Forget Netrition - that’s an American company. Customs won’t allow Biotest products into Australia. I speak with first-hand experience. First Nutrition in NZ were the first (& only) company preparing to distribute to Australia, but the products kept getting confiscated. I even went as far as getting a customs permit for Grow!, but Biotest eventually bailed because they had no confidence that any products would get through. Like I said, I’ve tried! Didn’t mean to ramble, but I thought I’d mention this for all the Aussies who are T-Mag fans.

First Nutrition can deliver PowerDrive and Methoxy 7. I’ve ordered both before and they came through with no problems. I also know a good mail order place that stocks Met-Rx…etc…pretty cheap too…

That’s good news, Honeyik. When I spoke to them about 6 months ago, they didn’t feel confident about sending anything to Australia. Anyway, what income are you pulling to be able to afford Methoxy-7 at A$1 to US$51.6cents!!?? Just kidding with you, mate. So how about giving us the contact details of this mail order company. I’ve got a few good ones up my sleeve, so maybe we can compare notes. How about it?

Dan, the mail order company that i was talking about is in Ada Street Discount Supplements in Brisbane and was recommended by Ian King. Anyway, Powerdrive is really expensive here at $60 a bottle…Any other supplement shops you know of???

Honyik, I also solicited advice from Ian King and he recommended Ada. But he also said that he uses them because they’re local. Their prices are competitive, but not quite as good as a couple of others. Try Evelyne Faye Nutrtional Health in Melbourne, or BGP Herbal Health Food Discounts also in Melbourne.

Dan,i checked out the Evelyn Faye website but the only sports supplement brand that I recognised was EAS…have you been to their store before and do they have anything else…I’m not sure but Ada Street seems to have a wider range (eg Champion, Met-Rx, Prolab, Optimum etc)…what do you think?