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biotest in NYC

whats up fellas i was wondering if anyone knew of any retailers in nyc where i could pick myself up some supps- im currently inbetween apts so i cant really have anything shipped yet. i used to know of a place near 14th and 8th ave but i cant find it anymore - so if anyone knows of anywhere to pick up some good biotest supps (preferably downtown, below times square), please let me know. thanks

Pete, check out Nutrisport on 16th and I beleive 8th ave. Ask for Scott and tell him I sent you. Are you signed up for the NYC/Metro T-Cell? If not, contact Chris Shugart through the feedback link.

MBE: “If it’s a supplement he’s up with it since 1909.”


I usually get all my stuff at vitamin shop in union square. But maybe the deals are better at MBE’s location if so I will be heading there in the future.

Also check out westerly nutrition(up town at 54th and 8th-steps away from the legendary studio 54) good selection/great prices

thanks fellas i will be checkin out these locales; i usually picked stuff up from vitamin shop[pe] right on the corner of 8th and broadway - but i think the only thing they got left is the old methoxy in the glass bottle and some bottles of md6 (still sellin for like $40 a pop). thanks again hopefully i will be able to reverse the extreme damage done to my body since i stopped workin out regularly (in may) till now…

Try Eva’s Vitamins on 8th street between 5th and 6th, they usually give 30-40% discounts on Biotest supplements.

I can suggest Eva’s at 11 West 8th street between 5th and 6th Avenue.

The Vitamin Shoppe is going through it’s time now where inventory is taking place (among other things). If I were you I would probably special order whatever you need from the store of your choice (since there’s so many of them in Manhatten alone) and pick it up when it comes in because 1. it’s virtually guaranteed to be there, and 2. it’s most likely going to come in faster than waiting for the store to replenish on its own. If you’re curious as to how I know this, it’s because I work for one. Good hunting.