Biotest in Montreal??

Does anyone know where in Montreal that I can pick up some Biotest supps? I usually order online, but it would be nice to be able to pick up some Tribex or MD6 at the drop of a hat. peace.

Hey rubberman. I know what you mean. I’m from montreal and have trouble getting some Biotest products. So far the only place I know where u could pick up tribex, methoxy-7, zma are at the GNC at the Angrinon Mall. Actually I just went there today. They said they expect to be getting M some time soon. As far as MD6, Androsol, Mag-10 you have to order them. are good for that. Even then you have to email them to ask them about those illegal canadian products. At least they are quick in delivering.

Chech out PROSHOP DECARIE,best prices and he’s got most Biotest products.Near DECARIE HOTDOG in ville st.laurent…

hey roman which part of angrinon mall is the gnc store? i dont remember seeing a gnc store there

It just opened in November. Perhaps thats why you havent noticed it. Anyways, I believe its in the Sears wing.