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Biotest in Military GNC

I wasn’t sure if I should have posted this in the forum suggestion box, called in, or what, cause I know you guys don’t handle marketing (I don’t think the majority of T-staff poster do anyway), but you need to get more of your supps in GNC on military bases. It took me six months of pestering the guy at NAS Pensacola to finally get some stuff in. But all it is is hot-rox (having good results so far), Mag-10, and Tribex. While I like these supps, and I’m now stationed in NAS Oceana, I really need to get my hands on Low Carb Grow. You know we Marines are PT fanatics (voluntold, but nonetheless) and you guys know a good protein powder is pretty much a food purchase. Ordering stuff is dicey cause it could sit in the mailroom for a long time before I get my order. Please oh please talk to someone to get at least low carb grow included in the marketing and promotion of your supps.

As a side note,