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Biotest in GNC?

Hey everyone, I was contemplating on what supplements to take when i was in GNC yesterday and i wondered, “Why the hell don’t they have Biotest in here?” Biotest is one of the best supplement companies in the business and yet they still son’t have a single shelf in GNC. Now, I can’t use a credit card to purchase the stuff cause my parents don’t believe in online purchasing of anything. I’m really interested in buying “Grow!” and “Tribex.” What can be done about this?!
By the way, I am 16 and very committed to building a better body.

Where do you reside???

I’m sure they’d accept a money order. Call their 800 number and talk to a guy named Brian Maslach, I think he’s their customer service wiz.

I live in PA, more specifically, Sinking Spring 19608…further details i don’t think i could give in a public forum.

Another 16 year old puppy want to take Tribex eh? What for? Haven’t you read anything on this site? It’s not good for you dumbass. Give it a rest!


I believe that GNC is set up where there are both corporate stores and also franchise stores.

Franchise stores carry Biotest, or do not carry Biotest, according to their own decision. Some of them do, and any of them can if you ask and they feel like paying attention!

The corporate stores can only do so if GNC headquarters decides to put Biotest in all these stores. If your local store is a corporate store, my understanding is, the
local manager can’t just go and order a
new product line on request of his customers.
He can send in requests to corporate HQ,
I guess.

So, if the manager can’t help you out, he’s
not giving you a hard time… he’s just
operating under some constraints. And GNC
has these constraints ultimately because
it allows them to be more price competitive
and bring better deals to its customers than
it could if each store were making their own
individual deal.

Hey PB,
Chill out bro, read the Testosterone Forum-guidelines and what it says about attacking newbies, you don’t know if this kid has been around long enough to read hundreds of pages of back issues. Yeah, maybe taking Tribex at his age is not recommended, but you have to admit that even at his age, he has a better idea of what supplements build muscle than we did back then.