Biotest in Germany

In a short time I´ll be moving back to Germany ( after 7 years ) and there is no Biotest distributor in Germany. Does any of you guys has some experience in where to buy it (U.K.?) and the best way to ship it to Germany ?

The best way to buy them is through an uk website (e.g.
That way you won´t have any problems with the customs.
BUT it´s very expensive that way.


We have it Biotest in Sweden, so if you live in the north of Germany it´s not that far away.

where in Sweden, website ??

If this adress comes thru it´s
If not do a search for kosttillskott, Sverige and biotest on google.

Biotest is available in Sweden but none of the hormonal products like mag-10. Prohormones have been banned here for a long time the other Swede that posted earlier should be aware of this. The UK prices do indeed suck big time.

Try ‘Performance Foods’ in Bournemouth in the UK. I’ve not got the number to hand but you can find it on, i believe that they are the UK distributer for Biotest and they will ship it anywhere. They guy in the shop told me that he even ships to australia for some customers!!!

By the way does anyone know a Biotest supplier in Australia? Also which Biotest supps are legal down under?

Bateman: No one has asked for certain produkts but just for a distributor. And of course, some of the biotest products is banned in Sweden but that goes for most of europe as well.

Can’t you just order it from the U.S distributer? I was under the impression that it’s the individual that takes the rap and not the company for shipping banned products like with steriods. I am worried myself beacuse I have heard prohormones will soon be band in the U.K, any insight anyone??