Biotest in France?

I was happy to be a lurker on here for several years, but since I don’t see a thread about this I’ll just ask: How easy is it to get Biotest supplements in France? I’ve read horror stories on here about customs officials destroying shipments of Metabolic Drive sent to other countries and I wouldn’t want to waste my money if this is the case in France. Anyone have any experience with this?


Usually, most Biotest products are allowed in France, I just had a shipment refused because of ‘PowerDrive’.

However, everything else I’ve ordered is ok, including Metabolic Drive Lowcarb.

Be aware though, that you will have to pay the shipment cost (Fedex) when you order it, and afterwards you have to pay taxes when you receive it at home. For instance, for a bigger order, if you pay 50 Dollar of Fedex, it is possible to pay 50 Euro in addition when you receive it at home. It can be less than that, such as 20 dollars plus 20 euro, it all depends of the weight of your order.