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Biotest in Canadian Paper


This weekend was the Grey Cup (Canadian equivalent of the Super Bowl) and the biggest paper in the country ran an article about the game... notice between the legs (get your mind out of the gutter) of the guy in the picture.


Nice - guess everyone loves Metabolic Drive....




Thibs - much love from one Canuck to another - but, seriously, 'the biggest paper in the country'?

What is that, La Presse? It ain't the Globe & Mail or the Star, that's for sure.

It's all good - you're forgiven.


Haha! Nice find Thibs!


Le Journal de Montreal and its cousing Le Journal de Quebec. Together they have the largest distribution (to the best of my knowledge), although the Globe and Mail might be close or superior.


Something to get excited 'Aboot'?



that's a sign!

FREE SHIPPING TO CANADA! YAY! I'll take 10 of everything.


I second the motion.

Even though they lost coubourne is an awsome player Biotest should try and get there name into canada more "us lumberjacks need more supps to build the egloos eh"


you guys play football in Canada?

or does he play hockey?


We got football. Its just not as televised, or watched.

Hockey is another story.go sens.


Thats a football helmet, they have the CFL. That dude from Miami, Ricky something played there for two years.


Ricky Williams played there two years ago, David Boston played there this year (but was hurt all year..thats SO unusual for him..haha), Bethel Johnson played there for part of this year, Eric Crouch (former Nebraska QB), played there last year.

Some of you guys may have heard of Jeff Garcia. He played about 5 years in Calgary before going to San Francisco.

Doug Flutie played I think 7 years in Calgary and Toronto before coming to Buffalo


go leafs.

jk, leafs suck, I'm actually from vancouver

go nucks,

jk canucks suck.


Canada...where America's 2nd placers go to die.


how do you know our secret


No man, we actually all live in igloos. It's so cold here we can't really do much of anything.


Fuckin rights, give us McCain!


Even with the power of Metabolic Drive on their side, the Stamps still managed to stomp on the Alouettes hahaha. Go Stamps!


Must be one of Thibs' atheletes, right?