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Biotest In Canada

What the hell is up with Canada’s laws? I was in town today looking at every supplement shop I could find (6) and even a gnc, and only 2 had Biotest supplements. They had Tribex. They said its all they could get, everything else was considered illegal. WTF!!! Anyway, could any of you recommend a good supplement company? One with a good whey protein. Thanks all you biotest eating freaks.

Hey check www.lifeandsport.com it’s in canada and you can get most of the Biotest stuff save Mag-10 and PowerDrive. That’s where i get my stuff and they’ve been good. As for my protien I got with Optimum whey. Hope that helps.

sndcanada.com, eglobalgym.com, renegadenutrition.com…or order direct from Biotest.

If you order online you should stick to sites based in Canada unless you’re willing to pay to the duty. Also if the products are listed on the shipment, then there’s a chance they could sieze it if it’s not legal.

I was told by a store owner that Biotest wasn’t allowed in stores because they didn’t fit the labelling laws. We need the labels to be in French and English. OTOH, I’ve never had any trouble from ordering Biotest on-line. There’s a company in Newfoundland called (I think) “Thegym” that’s pretty fair in price.

I find it funny that I have to ship it all the way from the east coast to Alberta (Edmonton) just to get the best price. Seems a little inefficient. Just type “Biotest online canada” into a search engine and do some price-shopping.