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Biotest In Canada?


Ok, this is the umpteenth time someone does a Biotest shipping to Canada...


So, just out of curiosity, if I was to order a very large amount of their stuff, and ship it from Canada, would you guys be willing to pay the 30-50% increase in cost + shipping inside Canada?

If I get enough people to commit, I'll write TC about it to make arrangement. What say you?


Would you be able to undersell supplements.ca for Biotest supplements? They have free shipping to anywhere in Canada for purchases over 99$.


my mistake.



Nope, I meant pooling our ressources together in one large order.

(Price + Shipping) x CAD$ + Customs = about 20-30% for a good sized order. Then add the "within Canadian border" shipping for it to get to you. Still beats buying from sndcanada.com or any other you can find, even with a small but legitimate profit margin for the re-sender.

Could be doable and not cost us too much.


I'm in, even www.supplementscanada.com is more expensive than that !


I'd certainly consider it ZW. If this is something you plan to do for a while. I usually order enough to make the price acceptable, but I don't mind giving consideration to the offer.


Well, that's two interested plus one curious. 1-2 more for a total of 4-5 to make it a worthwhile order, and it's on.


Are there any Biotest products that 100% will get rejected at the border due to banned ingredients in Canada (or for any reason for that matter)?


11-T and sometimes HOT-ROX Extreme, if they search for Yohimbe


Where are you located exactly ?

Im from the montreal south shore


I'm lucky that someone in my office has a post office box and brings it across for me cause if I had to buy it though a local store it would be too expensive...Flameout sells for ninety bucks in Toronto and Surge is seventy.I don't care how good it works seven bucks for one shake is out of the question on my budjet.This is not a knock on Biotest and their prices at all.Just my 2 cents.SND Canada sells Biotest as well.