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Biotest in Canada???

Besides mail order are there any stores in Canada where other t-maggers get Biotest sups??? Thanks. :slight_smile:

Nkeago, what city are you in?

Any people in Toronto know if there is any stores that carry Power Drive (and not at GNC prices)? I’m starting a new job in January and would like to be as mentally sharp as possible.

wassup fellow Canadians!!! You guys pretty much have fallen in the problem I’ve had for the past 1.5 years… where the hell can you get BIOTEST Shit without busting the wallet??? Here is your answer. There a few places to go. 1. Try any Golds Gym, trust me they got some sweet deals on BIOTEST products… mississauga anyway. 2. A place out in Oakville, I don’t want to give you the actual name out here. No offence but they still have some OLD BIOTEST T2 and MD6. 3. Musclemag. Make sure you call them first and ask, most of the guys are cool. Some locations Young ST. & Airport have real dickheads. If you want A-sol you gotta go down to ‘Hamilton/Stoney Creek’ these guys are fellow T-maggers. These are the prime places to go.

Other small places sell Tribex, Ribose-C, and Methoxy-7 but you best bet is to head to these places... If you can wait to get your stuff, your ABSOLUTE BEST BET is RENEGADE - Chris is the BEST!!!

Any other questions drop me an e-mail [NOT ALLOWED ON FORUM- MOD] for directions and store numbers, finding BIOTEST products is a bitch here. Thanks to Canadians helping eachother out BIOTEST is easier to find. Many thanks to THUNDER & Highwayjack for the Oakville connection.