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Biotest Greens?


Is there any news on the Greens supplement that was mentioned by Tim Patterson a while back? Is it in development?


We're still researching it.

It's definitely something we want to do.


Sweet, I didn't think that you would actually do it.

Out of interest, is there an aproximate average between when you guys start researching something and when it is released?


In the meantime, TC, do you have any thoughts on greens products on the market that you personally like? John Berardi has recommended Greens Plus but some on the forums have claimed that they like other products better. Any thoughts?



Can you make it in capsules? I hate the taste of these shakes but think nothing of taking 8-12 Greens caps a day. I usually take 2-4 for each meal I consume at home.


Try to find the flavoured stuff.


Bump for this question. Greens Plus is a little harder to find than some of the other Greens products.


I love Greens Vibrance capsules. ALthough the recommended dosage is 16 caps a day making a bottle only a 15-day supply, I usually only take 8 caps a day and feel great with it. Extra stamina during the day is very noticeable. Plus a "healthy well-being" feeling.


JB recommends Greens + because they put their claims where their mouth is & put it up for testing, which all their claims passed. He also says there are cheaper & potentially better products out there, but those companies arent willing to back up their claims...


He also cant reccomend companies where he does not know the quality control.


Is there a difference between Greens+ and just throwing in a handfull of Spinach into a shake?

I just put Spinach into my shakes, and I can't taste a thing. I probably put just around one small salad size amount too.


I think there's more to greens+ and the other products (I use Miracle Greens) than just spinach.

Although tossing a couple cups of spinach into your shakes obviously is going to be more healthy for you than not doing so.

If I remember correctly, Spinach was second to Raisins for having a negative PRAL score as well, which means it's good for pushing your body away from acidic towards a neutral pH




I'll second that YES. Im sick of paying 35 bucks for this stuff myself....