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Biotest EPA+DHA supplement?

Berardi mentioned this in his column this week. Anyone know anything about this? Chris S, any hints?

Put it this way, pretty soon we can all stop taking dozens of fish oil caps per day or messing up the flavor of our shakes with flax or Udo’s. All that stuff will soon be obsolete.

affects English accent Yeah, Baby, YEAH!! I hope it will cheaper than taking dozens of fish oil caps, as well…!

Gee, thanks. I just bought Wally World out of fish oil caps last week. Anywho, that is awesome news, because I am also getting tired of eating cans of salmon. It is also sucks that these 1000mg caps only have a fly speck of EPA/DHA. I can only imagine what Tim has lined up for us. Thanks once again guys for always improvising the world of supps. -The Starkdog