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Biotest Dream Stack

…and I mean that literally. I woke up last night just before 2:00 with a splitting headache, but as I got up to deal with it I realized I had just been dreaming of a Biotest product.

I held in my hand a small container (a little larger than the Spike samples arrived in) from Biotest that had a daily dose of each supplement capsule they make, packaged as a “stack”; there was a name for the stack on the bottle, but I couldn’t recall it.

I recognized several of the supplements (like Alpha Male and Methoxy-7), but there were a couple new ones that made me think “Hey! That’s cool!” Again, like with many dreams, I can’t recall any of the details except one:

It was a dose of Greens+ compressed into a tablet like the TRIBEX Gold tablets. I thought “All RIGHT! All the benefits with none of the taste of pureed goldenrod!” (And, for the last bit of crazy dream trivia, the word “mud” was part of the name of this supp.)

Greens+ in a tablet. Can it be done?

Greens+ is already in tablet form.

Whoa! Dreams really do come true! :slight_smile:

[quote]HouseOfAtlas wrote:
Whoa! Dreams really do come true! :)[/quote]

Maybe I should check out those lottery numbers today!