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Biotest dealers

Hello! Frostrated with canada customs I’m going state side (on vacation) I will be traveling on I95 thrue Bangor Portland N.H Mass C.T in to Ny.Ny. Hoping there is a dealer of biotest product near that stretch of road. Better a dealer than a store in a mall. There can be at least a 25% difference in price. Also I have been in 3 different GNC store state side and none caried mag10 nor 4ad. So if anyone has a phone number or web site that I could contact it would be very much appreciated!!!

the Vitamin Shop in MA, not sure about the other states you mentioned, carries Biotest. they don’t always have 4AD, there are 2 stores near me and one had it and one did not. neither has ever had mag10. I’m sure if you called ahead they’d order it for you.


North Haven and Orange CT - both right off I95-call 411 for Supplement City- they dont carry everything but they have Mag10 and 4Ad

Vitaplus. be prepared to be blown away

For cost and convienience, you may try ordering from one of the online discount dealers and shipping to whereever you’re staying in the States.