Biotest Cycle

This is my cycle for the next two weeks. 70 sprays 2x a day of Androsol, along with 5 pills 2x a day of Tribex 500, and 2 teaspoons of Methoxy-7 2x a day. This will go on for 2 weeks, working out 6x a week. Along with all this will be a 4,000 calorie a day diet, which will include Advanced Protein and Surge. It will be a low-fat and high protein diet. What do you guys think of this cycle? Bill? Brock?

Looks good to me, but why low fat? At least get your flax and fish oil caps in. I assume you don’t mean really low fat. Might want to adopt the Massive Eating guidelines, too.

The supplementation aspect of it looks great.[I might add 15-20g of glutamine though] Nutritionally, what will be you macronutrient ratios? How much do you weigh @ what % bf?