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Biotest Creatine?


I just noticed the ad of their new creatine in the corner. It doesn't show it in the T-Nation store yet though. Anyways I'm excited, didn't even know they were making one...


Nevermind, it's there now. I gotta get some patience.


Look in the store again....


SWEEEEEEETTT! I know where to buy my creatine from now on. God I almost wanna dump my GNC crap out, lol.




But wait, no write-up on it?


I guess I'll be the first to unofficially point out the "Rocky Road" Metabolic Drive bars.


Yup, looks like the creatine's arrived.


Rocky Road? Shoot, I was distracted by the creatine!


Damn it... per my problems with Biotest-envy reverse placebo effect, my current creatine is no longer going to be effective.

Looks like a reasonable price too. Just get Flameout back and put out this newfangled "Viper" superprosteroid extreme concoction so I can make one huge irrational order...


Oh, believe me, I was too. That add at the top just about smacked me in the face.

I was just worried that Biotest might have discontinued the bars, as they just cleared out all the old ones.


A piece of Rocky Road candy is probably my biggest guilty pleasure. MD bars are now in that flavor? O.M.G.

And the Biotest Creatine just snuck up on us. I was looking for the introductory article, and then I thought "Who the hell needs to be told what creatine is good for?"

What a good day this turned out to be.


Click on the link...


Woohoo! Just what I expected. Plain old creatine works best, nothing special needed. Good price and superb quality. Biotest continues to impress me.


Right. What else is there really to say? Really a great summary of all that there is to say. It's creatine. The best qualitiy and purest creatine. But still creatine.


Take your pick:




Almost? With Biotest's pricing, my current creatine supp is as good as gone as soon as the new goodies arrive on my front doorstep! Great job Biotest, you all are slowly but surely closing all other doors to having to buy supps elsewhere- I never wanted to anyway. :slight_smile:



This is great. Never again will I have to buy outside of T-Nation! :slight_smile:


I saw that - I meant the usual type write-ups on new products. Doesn't matter though - if it's Biotest - it's good!

Now how's about a bit of info on Anaconda? :slightly_smiling:


Ok, lets get the noobie stoopid questions out of the way:

Yes, I know it's shocking but you CAN in fact use Creatine with the following:

Alpha Male
Carbolin 19
Power Drive
Metabolic Drive
Metabolic Drive Bars
Classic Grow!

You can also consume it while wearing ANY T-Nation t-shirt, and watching any of the DVD/Videos available for purchase on T-Nation and even while reading the Black Book of Training Secrets OR Get Buffed.

Hope that covers it.


i ordered last the day before FLAMEOUT came out, and two days ago i reordered and missed creatine by a hair.

anybody want to chip and fund my next order? i guarantee Anaconda will be out within 2-3 days afterward.

i am charlie fucking brown lol