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Biotest Creatine Question


@Chris_Colucci or Shugs or whoever…is there a reason that Creatine Malate has been discontinued? I mean, it was hyped as a great product for quite some time.

It was also the only creatine product that did not destroy my digestive tract (yes, I drink enough water, over 4 liters a day alone).

Are we only going to get the monohydrate version around here going forward?


Yeah, recently covered it in this thread on the Biotest forum. Creatine malate was discontinued, not exactly sure why though. I was using it myself for the longest time too.

Like anything in the product line (actual products, particular flavors, or whatever), it’s usually either a matter of not enough people getting on board with it or it being shelved while something better is put together. I haven’t heard about anything new in the works with the creatine, so the micronized monohydrate is the go-to for now.


Well since stopping creatine is not an option, I guess I better stock up on the wet wipes.

Thanks for the response Chris.


I was using creatine malate as well. Not sure what the deal is, but the good news is good 'ol creatine monohydrate is still as good as it was 10 years ago.


I started with that back in the good ol’ EAS days. It worked just fine.

It just messes with me gastro track.


Not to send your business else where, but creatine malate is still available from other sources.


I have looked and read quite a few reviews…I still have not found another company that I am comfortable dealing with. I am willing to pay for quality, as long as I know it is a legit product.


Used Creatine malate and had good luck with it because regular creatine monohydrate destroyed my gut. Now using creatine HCL. Gut is great and reaping all the creatine benefits!!