Biotest Coupons - A Thing Of The Past?

I’ve been a Biotest fan since ‘98 and have been a level 10, when there was such a thing, a level 100 when y’all switched to that, and then I started receiving monthly emails with a 20% off discount. I’ve stopped receiving those emails so, as I’ve found the only thing constant with Biotest is change (not saying that’s a bad thing), has that changed also?

I received one June 9th only good for 5 days. Hopefully it was just a mix up.

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I still get them with regular frequency. Have you checked your spam folder?


Cheers, mates. @T3hPwnisher, yes sir, I always check all folders. Nothing for months.

It seems to me the more you buy the more often you get a coupon.

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@RT_Nomad, if that’s the situation, then it’s a departure from the way they used to handle it.

I also still get them pretty frequently. I realize it’s much like asking if the thing is plugged in, but is your email address on your profile the same that you’ve always used/are checking?

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@SBT yes, it has not changed.

We did some digging.

It appears that at some point in the past, you submitted a spam/abuse complaint against Biotest and T Nation emails, and were thus removed from the mailing list.

@Mod_Phoenix, huh, that’s news to me and don’t understand how that could be as I’ve been loyal over 20 years. Could I be placed back on the email list?

@Mod_Phoenix I haven’t received any VIP coupons since last August and also assumed Biotest simply did away with this. At no point did I flag any T-Nation or Biotest emails as spam. Please put me back on the list too. Thank you.

Thank you, @believer423 and @bret73.

We’re looking into this.

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We found that @believer423 and @bret73 had both reported emails as spam from either T-Nation, Biotest or our Shopify store, which resulted in the email addresses being removed from all lists. Please confirm that you would like your emails added back to the list and that future emails will not be reported as spam. Thanks!

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Yes, please put me back on the list. Thank you.

Would you like to be added to both the T-Nation and Biotest email lists?


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Is there somewhere to sign up for coupons?

You become a VIP after buying a certain amount of their products.

Which makes sense, given what VIP stands for, haha.

Anybody know what that level is? Mine says level 5 , not going to say what I’ve spent in the last year but I would pretty shocked if it didn’t qualify for a coupon or two. Guess I’m wondering if I was on the list but missed out for spam reporting or something like that.