Biotest Container Jug Labels

Granted the most pertinent forum for this thread is in the Biotest Forum, I wanted to reach a greater number of Biotest product users.

All users of Biotest protein and workout powders know that they are shipped in bags. It is extremely difficult for me to use the bag to spoon out servings.

Once I open a bag I put the entire contents in an empty container jug from another brand of protein powder. It would be a nice touch if i had Biotest labels that I could attach to the container jugs.

Is this a possibility? Members: If I am the only one who would like Biotest labels, just tell me suck it up and keep using my magic markers.

Just cut the label off the bag and tape it to the jug :grinning:

I did this frequently when using MyFitnessPal for macro tracking (it uses bar codes for data pulling).

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That is a dusty task. I will wait until my wife isn’t home. But it is a little short of a nice neat look.

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Genuine question: what’s difficult about scooping out of the bags? Perhaps a bit more dust when closing it and maybe more on my knuckles from time to time, but mostly I haven’t even noticed a difference.

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Maybe I am the outlier on containers. I find the bags awkward and messy to use. Sometimes difficult to reseal.

I will always transfer the bag contents to a container jug for easier and neater access for me. I just thought it might be nice to have a more attractive container jug.

An alternative would be for Biotest to offer a container jug option at an additional cost. I would just reuse those container jugs for all future purchases of that specific product.

But if I am the sole person requesting container jugs, it would be foolish for me to expect any change.


FWIW I prefer using jugs for my supplements too, but I kinda appreciate Biotest not forcing me to take this monstrous plastic jug every time I order something (they can be a nuissance to trash).

I’d just take the shortcut and cut the label off the bag, but that’s because I’m a cheap ass =)

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