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Biotest Complaint

DanB, the in article 229 Tim was giving Tua only 3 pills o tribex taken at night a day. So the Tribex will last a month. The length of on time wth the M concerns me, I’d rather be on for longer.

I live on campus and my pops called me Wed. I can’t wait to get to the crib to get the package. I have wonderful genetics and I’m just wondering what the stack will do for me. Thanks T-Mag!

I just got my package today (a lot later than most of you guys), but it was right on time…used the Powerdrive pre-workout, and placebo effect or not, I had one of the most intense lifting sessions in recent memory. I’ll keep everyone up to date on how the stack works out.

I was away on vacation and just got home yesterday. I had no idea I one the Power Stack Challenge until I saw the huge package from Biotest! Thanks, Biotest! I couldn’t wait to get started, so I drank some Power Drive and had one of the best workouts I had in a long time.

I have used Power Drive before 3 work outs and haven’t noticed a thing. I am taking the M and Tibex as directed and man do I love the Lemon Bars, but so far nothing from Power Drive, even at the double dose recommended. I also tried it in club soda as someone else had mentioned it may increase absorption. I typically repond very well to supplements I have never tried before. I have gotten very, very good at mentally engaging in my training during my workout so maybe I can get to the point naturally that Power Drive helps others with??? Just a thought. I’ll continue use though to see if over time it has an impact.

Please send it to me Jason! I love that stuff!