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Biotest Complaint

Boy, do I have a beef with these guys. They took TWO whole business days to deliver the ~$300 worth of supplements that I won in the giveaway. Boy, they’re lucky I don’t call them up and chew them out good. I ALMOST had to actually wait for my free shit.

end sarcasm

Thanks guys…putting the Power Drive to the test as of yesterday’s training session.

You’re sharing those free supplements with me, right? I’ll see you at the gym! By the way, where on the site was the giveaway? I heard about it, but didn’t know where it was posted.

Bras, you’re not alone, pal. I just got my huge box and alls I can say is I’m plum outraged. I mean, to think they actually took the time, effort, and fiscal energy to put a cooling pack in with the bars. Seriously guys, do you not take pride in your work? And to think all this stuff came on my cheat day…honestly! So Bras, we still going to fight no-gi, all plea in Abu D?

MBE: “Grand champion of delusional grandure since 1333.”


It was in BTS.

They must like me better, I got mine yesterday…

No kidding… When I saw they announced the winners Friday, I was wondering why in the hell I didn’t have my free supps yet. :slight_smile: J/K I got mine yesterday too (Tuesday). I’m ready to start taking my training up a notch again. Thanks Biotest and T-mag!!!

I finally got my free supps today and I’m not kiddin, it was hard waiting since Friday! I’ve never tried Power Drive before and I’m psyched about seeing how well it works. Are there any certain guidelines about us posting our results, etc?

Also the grow bars are amazing, they shouldn’t taste this good.

You think you guys could rub it in just a little more? Damn, have some courtesy for those of us who read the list over and over just knowing that we had skipped over our names the first 30 or 40 times. Heartless bastards.

It has been quite a while since I have used Power Drive. I’ve spent too much money on pro-steroids, protein, etc… :slight_smile: I think I’m going to be making it a staple in my workout routine once again though. Pro-steroids have many positives, but to have something like Power Drive in your arsenal that doesn’t need to be cycled is great!! I have taken a lot of time off from leg work to let my knees have some time off. Well, tonight was my first night back to it and most of you know how you can dread that first time back to legs. I had no such feeling. I was able to push myself without really lagging much. I attribute that to the Power Drive. My focus started to drift a little a couple of times, but I gained it right back.

I know I’m just starting this Power Stack, but I’m really glad I started using Power Drive again. I remember the last time I used it I was going up in all my lifts and had personal bests in many of them. I’m looking forward to getting that feeling back again. I’ll keep everyone informed over the next few weeks. Why did I stop using it the first time!! :slight_smile: I think Tim Patterson does a great job of promoting new supplements, but sometimes we tend to forget about the “little guys” that can have a dramatic influence on our performance… :slight_smile:

i’m a new guy folks - scuse me but i gotta lota stuff to say, so bare w/me and keep in mind i’m writing this at 3 in the morning - so i get back to my scrungy apartment complex and i pause before i walk up the steps to the second floor where i live because my legs r gonna burn like a case o the crabs after doing a pyramid of full squats. Get to the top of the steps (panting), utter obscenities at the neiborhood whore, my head down as I pity my very existence. I see a package - a big white package at my doorstep - i read the label and its a whopping 22 pound behemoth of a package - bigger than anna nicole’s two thanksgiving hams in stretch pants - i dont remember ordering this much of anything - ever - must be a mistake - only it wasnt. The following episode was almost pornographic in nature and involved my ripping open the package, halfway between anxiousness at christmas at age 5 when i got the GIjoe aircraft carrier and the ravenous testosterone of a rabid monkey after watching a brooke burke photoshoot on E Wild On the jungle. so the package was filled with a bunch of amazing stuff from (*brown-nose plug) the best uckin mag and supplement company in the world! So u guys all already know that so i guess thats like preaching to the choir. Seriously, although its my first time actually writing, i sht protein chocolate bars laughing at your columns (Tim, TC, Ian and all u guys) and have been for months. my girlfriend gets upset with my loud, outrageous flatulation due to ludicrous protein intake but i take it with a grain of salt although i do love you baby. waiting to see the effects of this stuff is like trying not to blow your load before doing the nookie with the girl from Alias when ur amped up on tribex500. So, much respect to u guys who work at the Tech and T-maggers and the forum-ers

P.S. in the future i will be called “DARK_MUSCLE” b/c i have a mild form of computer consiracy paranoia. Also, it would be great to hear more from guru Charlie Francis (expound on EMS and its usefulness in muscle fiber recruitment) and whats the progress on myostat? peace

I may not have won the package, but I do know someone who did smirk. AND I was able to snatch a Grow! Bar (since it was I who opened the package up), before he got home (yeah, I know, “bitch!” hee hee).

My question: How you guys going to record all this? And I remember Jason Braswell saying he was going to begin on what, November 4? Is that the general idea of a start date for all of you? I'm thinking of creating a Excel spreadsheet for Ko to record his info. I believe there should be a general consensus of a general start date as well as what information to record. Right?

I e-mailed Tim the other day regarding general guidelines about the ‘Power Stack’. He has yet to get back to me but as soon as he does I’ll post his response.

Got the ‘package’ Tuesday. Didn’t workout yesterday as it was an off day; but I did use PowerDrive today. OH MY GOD, I got through my hamstring day in 45 minutes (it usually takes 60-70 minutes normally). I did 3 x 12 sitting curls (160#), 3 x 10 romanian deads (225 #), 3 x 8 stiff leg deads (205) at a 401, 411, 411 pace. Alternated with DB curls 3 x 8 @ 50, tri extension 3 x 8 @ 50, BB curls 3 x 9 @ 105, and machine tri extension 3 x 9 @ 250. I had energy for more…will see what changes occur at the end of the month

I also have been wondering if there’s a universal start date. Patricia, for KO’s results what are you gonna be recording, I assume the usual bf%, wieght, measurements?

I also e-mailed Tim, because I wanted to know if we could use other supps as well. I have been wanting to go through the entire line of Biotest supps, and here is a perfect opportunity. As far as record keeping goes, my primary goal in the gym is strength, followed by mass so I want to record my max lifts as well as weight, and BF%. I do not know if I am going to take measurements though, will probably just take pictures.

Ko, let me know what Tim says about the other supps cause I at least want to use my surge and possibly additional tribex. Also when are you startin’ this whole thing up Patricia said you were sick a few days ago.

I just want to thank Biotest for keep my winnless streak to 29 years. I did not want to win no free stinking supplenment! I have never won anything in my life and why should i start now! It is my B-Day today so you could send me a free box of Grow Bars, please! And to make thing worse i bought 10 tickets to win a big prize and some jackass bought one and whon $27,000.00 today!! I suck!

Hey guys, we are not supposed to use anything other than the Power Stack. That is the point of the give away: To evaluate the effectiveness of the Power Stack… Just as I thought. I do not know about the Surge however. I also would like to keep using it. The extra Tribex may be a problem though. Tim are you there?

I forgot. I intend to start on November fourth.

Tim e-mailed me the same response. I also take Surge and will most likely continue because it has been part of my regimen since it came out. November 4th sounds like a good starting date. How long do you plan on continuing with the supplement protocol? The Tribex and M will only last 2 weeks.