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Biotest Commercial


Guys, make sure you go over to the Special Reports section of the site and check out the "Something Very Cool" article.

You can download our new commercial at the end of the article.

It's hot!



I'm in love. That's one sweet piece of art!


What a great commercial should be.



Are you guys working on any other commercials?





Tim definitely has some other innovative ideas that will hopefully come to fruition.


Wow TC, you guys have really out-done yourselves with this one!

Oh yeah, and the chick you feature is ok as well.... :wink:


How do you choose what to advertise? Why not advertise Grow! And Grow! Bar? I am sure there are people out there like me who get frustrated everytime we check out store sold "protein bars" because they are ALL F*ING SOY...

Yes... even Powerbars, they sold out.


Has she ever taken Fahrenheit?


THIS is the million dollar question.

Im glad someone finally asked.


Tim Patterson answered this in other thread:

"When I first met Jelena, she told me that she loves HOT-ROX and that it's her favorite fat-loss supplement. Since Fahrenheit and HOT-ROX share the same A7-E formula backbone (Fahrenheit has been tweaked to be more in tuned with female physiology) then Jelena absolutely did use our product before we ever met, and certainly long before we shot the commercial."


Shugs, since you guys have revamped Fahrenheit more for the female body than HOT-ROX, has there been any data to show that it would be more beneficial for women to use Farenheit? I was just wondering... I know HOT-ROX is stronger, it'd just be interesting on having some type of comparison.



Not clinical data comparing the two, as far as I know, rather knowing the physiological effects of each compound and applying it to a different population. In this case, more of the compound which is responsible for increasing energy expenditure, providing an anorectic effect and increasing insulin sensitivity and less of that which we believe is responsible for preserving lean body mass.