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Biotest Comes Up Big

Since there are plenty of people, myself included at times, who bitch about the Biotest store’s prices, I’d like to say thanks to the bosses for throwing us a bone. The buy 2 get 2 free deal has caused a sudden increase in my T levels just by reading it. With the Plan For Success Stack, for $300 you get 4 bottles each of Mag 10 caps, Tribex, and M. That’s a sweet deal if I’m doing the math right.

Some honest customer feedback:

I’ve been using Biotest products for a few years now, but I’ve never bought from the Biotest store. No offense, but why would I want to pay ~25-40% more than what I’d pay at any other online retailer? I read the article about Biotest no longer distributing to outside retailers, but I slept through econ class, so I don’t really get it. I’ll just take your word for it that Biotest is not getting greedy so TC can buy a new yacht.

I know many people who think Biotest makes great products but they either can’t afford them or refuse to pay the price. I always thought it was weird that the online store offered “member’s discounts” that still couldn’t compete with other online retailers prices. Especially since the people who contribute to the forums on a regular basis are helping Biotest to make money by spreading the word about the site and their products. I know I’ve personally referred hundreds of people to this website. I was starting to ask myself “where’s the love?” I realize that money is the bottom line and it’s all about supply and demand, but the buy 2 get 2 free deal is a breath of fresh air. I’d hate to see this as a one time only thing intended to get people’s attention before Biotest products can only be purchased from this website at higher prices. That would be a major ass-raping that would cause many customers to spend their money elsewhere. Successful companies seem to have strong brand loyalty among consumers, but again I don’t know much about business.

If Biotest products will only be sold from the website, I hope the prices will be reasonable for members or for those buying in semi-bulk quantities. Hell, if something like this promotional deal were offered every once in a while, I’d just stock up until the next time. This isn’t a NeilG threat, I just think I speak for many Biotest customers who are on a limited budget and who can’t justify spending $100 on something that we used to be able to get for, say $60, and probably costs around $5 to make. Yeah, we have no right to bitch unless we want to make the shit ourselves, and it’s up to each customer to decide what is a fair price to them.

I love Biotest products and I will remain a loyal customer until I can no longer afford to be one. You guys have a great thing going here. You’ve created a nation of T people who are smarter than the average bear, but most of us still have average bear bank accounts. Or in my case, don’t have a bank account at all and have to bribe friends to use their debit cards in order to get my Mag 10 :slight_smile:

Biotest, please hold me and tell me everything’s going to be ok.

Good post! The supp biz is very odd. I’ve been confused by it for a long time but after talking to Tim Patterson a lot I’m starting to get the idea of how things come together.

For example, you’d think the Biotest store at this site could sell stuff at big discounts - no middle man, right? Not always so. See, if you do that, you’ll tick off the resellers (both online stores and off) and we need them to have a successful business. They won’t buy your stuff if you’re undercutting them on the price all the time. It’s very tricky and it’s something that’s always bugged Tim. He really wants to give good deals at our store but can’t give TOO GOOD a deal or he’ll make our retailer friends mad. We need both: customers who buy from us, and retailers like Netrition and GNC who sell our stuff too.

So this new Superstore you’re seeing now is an experiment. Tim is just wanting to see how it works out for a limited time. I think it expires the 31st of this month. Not sure what will happen after that; I guess it depends on how this Superstore thing goes.

That’s about all the info I can offer. They don’t let me on the Biotest side of the building much because I stuff Grow! canisters down my pants and then go flirt with secretaries.

Scrub is the new breed of gay wannabe doctors.


Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Amen, supps aren’t cheap.

Looks like a good time to stock up…

Yup, I just stocked up :slight_smile: BUT, no Surge! Will there be any for this offer? I just placed my order, but I’m wondering if maybe I should get more Tribex or something. Or maybe more Grow. Definitely a great deal.

Is there any way to get mag-10 in Canada damn it! I’dd like to order but…not so sure i’ll get it!!

hey RETARD, i found out here on this site that www.pacific-nutrition.com out of Nanaimo BC can get you mag-10 if you phone and ask nicely.

I have ordered 4-AD-EC straight from the Biotest store and never had any problem getting it over the border to Vancouver, every province seems to have different results though.

good luck!

I just tried to order 2 Red Kat, but the order doesn’t show the free overnight shipping or the free Red Kat.

What am I doing wrong? Or missing?

Check out this thread for info concerning where to buy Mag-10 in Canada.

BioTest, remind me what your policy on Canadian orders are would you? If it makes it we’re ok, but if it’s sent back, then we’re refunded?

Canadians, does Customs seize it or send it back?

Scrub, I’m with you all the way. I just recently switched to Biotest exclusively as a show of loyalty to T-mag. The knowledge I’ve absorbed from this site since May is something I could never even put a price on. However, I have had to trim my total supplement use WAY down due to the cost. I figure taking a couple of supps that truly work is better than 4 or 5 that don’t. Anyway, I pretty much shit myself when I saw the 2 for 2 deal. I’m only disappointed since the two supps I’m using right now are Low-Carb GROW and Surge. Guess I’ll wait until later in the month and keep my fingers crossed. Please restock soon!!!

Zan: Customs Canada seems to be arbitrary in its seizing practices. I once made an order which contained Power Drive from Biotest. CC opened the box at the border and seized the PD because it contains tyrosine, a controlled substance in Canada. They let the rest of the order through.

Once CC retains a supp they must inform Health Canada. HC then sends you a K-24 form to let you know. When HC sent me the form about the Power Drive I phoned the contact as indicated on the form to find out why. That’s when I found out it was because PD contains tyrosine.

I ranted and told her if HC was really interested in protecting the health of the Canadian public, they would ban cigarettes. The agent released the PD with the caveat to not order more than a 30-days’ supply at a time.

Recently, I made another order which contained Hot Rox. Hot Rox contains tyrosine as well but it made it through no problem. It seems CC didn’t open the box this time.

Yep, good job, Biotest. You beat my normal on-line retailer with these deals.

Depends on the province. In Ontario, it has come in fine.

Not sure about a lot of those questions, but here’s who to ask:

Biotest Technical Support Toll Free:


Also, I wonder if they’ll give you guys a rain check on Surge? You know, let you order and get the deal now, then mail it whenever they stock back up? Worth a shot!


Looks like I was wrong about the rain checks. See the “Rain Check” post by T-mag Admin. Maybe they’ll have Surge and LC Grow in stock the next time around - if they do this again.

Previously due to the price issue I haven’t shopped directly with Bio-test but this latest campaign is great!

Just stocked up on enough to last for a good while.

aah, that feels good.

Many thanks to Tim for the good deals.

This deal is crazy killer! My eyes lit up when I signed on to check this week’s issue and saw that big, beautiful banner!

C’mon, with the Anabolic Stack you get $800 in supps for $300!

If I invest, the race to 200 may go a bit smoother.

Yeah, that Mag-10 Plan for Success stack is a pretty awesome deal. I was tempted to buy two and get two free even though I don’t want to use it lol.