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Biotest Comes Through Again

Was there ever any doubt. Just wanted to say thanks again to the brothers at Biotest. I ordered some supps on a sunday and they arrived at my door today, tuesday with a free case of Grow! bars, and free shipping. You guys rock the heezy.

Ditto. I placed my order this weekend, and just received two boxes of Biotest goodies. And yes, the PB Grow! bars are evil. goes off to eat another one

Last month when I ordered it was delivered much quicker than usual for me also (only a couple days). Good thing too because I was down to the very bottom of my last can of Grow! I haven’t had the protein bars in a while but I always liked them. The bars look a little different than before so I’ll get to try out the new batch since I’m getting ready to place another order.

This is kind of funny i thought. I live in Colorado Springs probably 10 minutes from where Biotest ships there supps from. I placed an order yesterday and on FedEx’s sight it sais the order isnt expected to arrive untill monday! What gives? maybe it will arrive earlier, i just think its strage that it would take so many days for them to drive 10 minutes…

never mind the order came in today! awesome customer service guys!